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Common AC Services by General Air Conditioning

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Living in Texas means that you need to have a good air conditioning system to keep you comfortable. If you need Bexar County air conditioning services make sure that you call the friendly experts at General Air Conditioning. We have over 15 years servicing all different types and brands of systems. Here are a few of the most common services that we offer.

Bexar County Air Conditioning Repair

With all the use that your air conditioning system gets during the summer it likely will run into problems. There are a few common air conditioning repairs that we get called for. Here are a few of them.

  • Not enough cooling – This problems is often caused by a clogged air filter, low refrigerant, broken fan motor or broken compressor. The Bexar County air conditioning services pros at General Air Conditioning can help you get your AC system back up and working again quickly.
  • Strange noises – If your air conditioning system starts to make any unfamiliar sounds make sure that you call for repair. If your AC is squealing, hissing or gurgling it likely means that you need to call for problems.
  • The air filter – By far the most common cause of air conditioning problems is a clogged air filter. This restricts air flow, makes your air conditioning system work harder, reduces efficiency and can also increase the need for repair.

Bexar County Air Conditioning Installation

If your air conditioning system is old or if it has started to require more frequent repair it could mean that it’s time to have a new one installed. The Bexar County air conditioning services technicians at General Air Conditioning can help you find the perfect system for your home and then make sure that it is installed properly.

For any Bexar County air conditioning services that you might need call General Air Conditioning. We know how important it is for you to stay comfortable in your home which is why we work so hard to provide our customers with outstanding services every day.

Why Get Custom Ductwork in San Antonio, TX?

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Central heating and air conditioning systems that rely on ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout homes are extremely popular. When you purchase a quality product and schedule professional installation service, you can expect a consistent, efficient performance from your home comfort system. Of course, it is every bit as important that your ductwork is of the highest quality. If you want to get the best performance possible from your HVAC system, call the San Antonio, TX ductwork pros at General Air Conditioning. We offer outstanding custom ductwork services to ensure that your ductwork is perfectly suited to your home.

If you are building a new home or if you are replacing your old, inefficient air ducts, call General Air Conditioning to schedule your professional custom ductwork services. Custom duct design is an important part of your heating and air conditioning installation for many reason. The most important is the fact that your home is not exactly the same as any others. If your home is unique, shouldn’t your ductwork be as well? You cannot expect to get the most effective performance possible from your heating and air conditioning equipment if you are depending on a prefabricated ductwork system that may not be a good fit for your home.

The custom ductwork design technicians at General Air Conditioning will take a variety of factors into consideration when planning out your new ductwork system. We will ensure that your air duct system is able to deliver conditioned air throughout your entire home in the most direct manner possible. The less twists and turn in your ductwork for conditioned air to navigate, the more efficiently your heating and air conditioning system will be able to operate. Call today for more information. Protect your comfort and your budget by making the smart investment now. Schedule professional custom ductwork design today.

Not just anyone is capable of designing a ductwork system that will keep you comfortable in a highly efficient manner. The San Antonio, TX ductwork design specialists on our team can help you achieve that goal. Call General Air Conditioning today with any questions you may have.

San Antonio AC: Why Is My Air Conditioning System Hissing?

Monday, April 15th, 2013

If you’ve started to notice that your air conditioning system is making a hissing sound it usually isn’t a good sign. There are a few different causes for air conditioning systems that are making a hissing noise. Call the San Antonio, TX air conditioning repair professionals at General Air Conditioning. We have over 15 years of experience working with all different kinds of AC systems and will be able to figure out the problem and get your system back up and working again quickly.

Common Causes of Air Conditioning Hissing Noises

When your air conditioning starts to hiss it usually means that you have a refrigerant leak somewhere. This can happen in a few different places depending on what type of air conditioning system.

  • Reversing valve – If you have heat pump then you know that it is able to provide you with both heating and cooling. In order to accomplish that the heat pump will actually reverse the direction the refrigerant flows through the system. If your air conditioning system is hissing it might the reversing valve. The San Antonio, TX air conditioning repair professionals at General air conditioning will able to let you know.
  • Compressor – The compressor in your AC system is critical to its proper operation. Your compressor has a motor in it that compressing the refrigerant. If you hear hissing there is a good chance that your compressor is the cause of it.
  • Other refrigerant leak – There are a number of other places where your refrigerant could be leaking from. There are many connections from which refrigerant could leak. The San Antonio, TX air conditioning repair technicians at will be able to quickly figure out where the leak is coming from and make sure that it gets fixed fast.

Benefits of Getting Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

One of the most attractive benefits of getting your air conditioning system regularly maintained is that it might be able to reduce the occurrence of air conditioning repairs. The San Antonio, TX air conditioning repair experts at General Air Conditioning have seen many different problems that could have been prevented by regular maintenance. During maintenance visits your technician will inspect every component of your system and look for any issues. By finding those problems early you could be able to keep them from causing other problems.

Call the San Antonio, TX air conditioning repair professionals at General Air Conditioning today if you’re having any problems with your AC system.

San Antonio, TX Air Purifiers: Common Home Air Contaminants

Monday, April 8th, 2013

As the temperatures begin to rise and summer approaches in San Antonio, TX, homeowners throughout the area are beginning to check their air conditioning systems to make sure that they’re ready to perform well all summer long. While your cooling is no doubt critical to your comfort this summer, equally important is your indoor air quality. If your home has high humidity levels, or you experience stuffy and uncomfortable air, then you should consider taking advantage of an indoor air quality solution, such as an air purifier in order to achieve lasting comfort this summer. For San Antonio, TX air purifiers, call the experts at General Air Conditioning today!

Let’s look at a few of the most common home air contaminants:

  • Dust mites. Dust mites are small, nearly invisible insects that feed on organic detritus, like human skin flakes and pollen, and live within bedding, carpeting, and other areas of your home. While they do not bite, they do tend to produce allergic reactions. If your home has high humidity levels, then you are providing a breeding ground for the production of dust mites. Air purifiers reduce mite production by eliminating much of what they need to survive.
  • Mold spores. Mold is easy to spot when it’s in the corner of your shower pan, or around the kitchen faucet, but it’s far less recognizable when it’s in your ductwork or between the walls. Mold can produce severe allergic reactions, including skin irritation.
  • Pollen. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, then you should consider an air quality solution such as an air purifier. While we think of our indoor living space as a reprieve from the outdoors, if you have high levels of pollen circulating throughout your ductwork or in your home, then it can cause your allergies to flare up all summer long.
  • Animal dander and hair. No matter how much you love your pets, you may be tired of dander and animal hair circulating through your ducts and vents, whether you have an allergy or not. A HEPA filter can dramatically reduce such problems.

Whatever type of air purifier you choose, whether mechanical or electronic, make sure it’s professionally installed. For more information about San Antonio air purifiers, call General Air Conditioning today!

The Importance of Humidity Control in San Antonio, TX

Monday, April 1st, 2013

As you probably know, your air conditioner dehumidifies the air as part of its cooling process. Your return ducts extract the hot air from your house where it is cooled by the refrigerant in the air handler. As part of this process, some moisture is removed from your air. However, during the peak heat of the summer, the humidity can often be overwhelming, and you may find that you need additional humidity control. For extensive indoor air quality services, including whole house dehumidifiers in San Antonio, TX, call General Air Conditioning today!

Here are some reasons why humidity control is so important in your home:

  • To prevent mold and dust mites. Mold (as well as the dust mite) thrives in conditions of high relative humidity. Mold is a microbial growth that inhabits dark and moist areas of the home, especially those surrounding your indoor plumbing. Unfortunately, however, mold can often inhabit areas of your home you may never see. Mold growth behind walls and inside ductwork can be irritating and potentially dangerous to those with respiratory conditions.
  • To improve home comfort. While nothing beats a cool temperature inside the home during a steamy afternoon in July, dehumidification can actually decrease your need to blast the AC. Part of the reason is due to the sensation of being hot. When humidity is high, your body must work harder to cool itself by sweating. A combination of cooling and dehumidification is not only the most comfortable option, but it may also reduce how much energy you spend on cooling alone.
  • To reduce moisture in the home. You may notice excessive moisture on the walls or floors in your home during the summer; or perhaps your towels often fail to entirely dry. A whole house dehumidifier allows you to avoid worrying about such problems, which can be both annoying and potentially harmful to wood, fabric, and furnishings in your home.

Consider a humidity control device this summer if you want to improve your comfort and reduce the problems associated with high humidity in the home. For San Antonio, TX dehumidifiers, call the indoor air quality experts at General Air Conditioning today!