Common Heating Repairs in San Antonio

None of us enjoy having to repair the components of our home. At General Air Conditioning, we have been providing heating repairs in San Antonio for many years. We get heating repair calls for all different types of heating systems and we thought it would be helpful if we put together a short list of some of the most common repairs that we see. If your heating system isn’t working, it’s always best to call your local San Antonio heating contractor. Some problems can be indications of much larger and more dangerous issues.

The Air Filter

If you have a forced air heating system like a furnace or a heat pump, you should always try to remember to change the air filter regularly. The air filter is, by far, the most common culprit of heating repairs in San Antonio, TX. The air filter is often located near the return air duct for your heating system. It keeps dirt and dust from getting inside your heating system. But without regular changing it can get clogged and restrict the flow of air into your heating system. This can cause a bunch of nasty problems including low heat, no heat, overheating, short cycling, heat exchanger cracks and much more.

Strange Heating System Noises in San Antonio, TX

Another common heating repair call that we get is for homes whose heating system is making a strange noise. Here are some of the most common heating system noises in San Antonio.

  • Squealing – This is most common with forced-air systems like heat pumps and furnaces. Normally, this is caused by a fan motor or fab belt that is worn out. This fix is easy and can almost always be done in very little time.
  • Rumbling – If you have an oil boiler, rumbling can indicate unburned fuel left over in the combustion chamber. In furnaces, rumbling can be from the ducts expanding at the hot air or it can be a dirty burner.
  • Rattling – This is one of the most dangerous problems. It can sometimes be caused by a cracked heat exchanger which might mean that carbon monoxide is leaking into your home’s air supply. The heat exchanger is responsible for exhausting all of the harmful and toxic combustion gases.

No Heat or Not Enough Heat in San Antonio, TX

Finally, this is another common heating repair that we do in San Antonio, TX. If your heating system isn’t putting out any heat, it could be caused by a faulty thermostat. It could also be that the pilot is out or that the thermocouple has mistakenly shut off the flow of gas into your furnace or boiler.

If you need any kind of heating repairs in San Antonio, contact General Air Conditioning today!

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