How a Heat Pump Produces Heating and Cooling

A heat pump does just what it says it does. It pumps heat into and out of your home, depending on the time of year. This type of versatility makes it an ideal choice for homeowners in our service area, which is why we’d like to run you through the basics of what a heat pump is in this post. Whether you’re in the market for a comprehensive home comfort solution, or just curious about your options for when the time comes, we hope you find what follows useful. When you need San Antonio heat pump services, look no further than General Air Conditioning. Call us today!

  • How it works. A heat pump comprises two units: indoor evaporator/air handler and outdoor compressor/condenser. It basically works just like an air conditioner, but, of course, has the distinct option to heat as well as cool. In order to understand how it works, we’ll need to review the refrigerant cycle. Circulating through your heat pump is a refrigerant, which is chemically designed to undergo radical fluctuations of temperature under pressurized conditions. The compressor is the engine of the heat pump, providing the necessary pressure to heat the refrigerant up before it dissipates its thermal energy through the condenser coils. After this outdoor part of the cycle, it changes into a cool liquid form and cools the warm indoor air that the blower motor has extracted from the interior of your home. The entire process is reversed during the cold months.
  • Benefits. As we already mentioned, the primary benefit of a heat pump is that it works to both heat and cool your home within a single system. It integrates with your existing ductwork for year-round comfort. It also tends to be highly energy efficient, using less electrical energy than either an AC or a furnace. That said, it tends to be less efficient when operating in extreme temperatures. Speak to a professional to find out whether a heat pump is right for your home.

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