San Antonio AC: Why Is My Air Conditioning System Leaking Water?

Summer is fast approaching in San Antonio, TX and homeowners everywhere are looking to get their air conditioning systems in top shape before the heat sets in. Air conditioning repair is important because it affects not only the effectiveness of your cooling system throughout the long summer, but also its efficiency. Water leaks indicate that something within your AC unit is not operating properly. One of the most common questions we hear is this: why is my air conditioning system leaking water? For comprehensive air conditioning repair in San Antonio, TX, call General Air Conditioning today!

There are several different reasons why your air conditioning system is leaking water:

  • Clogged drain. Your AC unit removes moisture from the air, and thus creates a fair amount of condensation. There is a condensation pipe built into the system, which typically disposes of this water. However, dust and debris can build up inside your system as it removes air from your home and this can eventually clog your drainpipe. Hence, the water leak around your AC.
  • Insufficient airflow. Your air filter requires routine cleaning and replacement if it is to prevent dust, pollen, dander, and other debris from entering your living space. Over time, it can get so dirty and clogged that it may begin to obstruct the passage of cool air. When this happens, it causes cold air to build up in your air handler, and in doing so, can lead to frost build up in the evaporator coils. This frost disrupts the condensation process further, and now you have a leak.
  • Excessive condensation. On those especially hot summer afternoons, you may notice that water drips from your AC. The evaporator coil may be producing excessive condensation because it can’t keep up with the amount of moisture being extracted from your indoor air. If this occurs frequently, you may need to think about upgrading your system or supplementing your cooling with a dehumidifier.

If your air conditioning system is leaking, then don’t place your home comfort at risk this summer. For comprehensive air conditioning repair in San Antonio, TX, call General Air Conditioning today!

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