San Antonio, TX Air Purifiers: Common Home Air Contaminants

As the temperatures begin to rise and summer approaches in San Antonio, TX, homeowners throughout the area are beginning to check their air conditioning systems to make sure that they’re ready to perform well all summer long. While your cooling is no doubt critical to your comfort this summer, equally important is your indoor air quality. If your home has high humidity levels, or you experience stuffy and uncomfortable air, then you should consider taking advantage of an indoor air quality solution, such as an air purifier in order to achieve lasting comfort this summer. For San Antonio, TX air purifiers, call the experts at General Air Conditioning today!

Let’s look at a few of the most common home air contaminants:

  • Dust mites. Dust mites are small, nearly invisible insects that feed on organic detritus, like human skin flakes and pollen, and live within bedding, carpeting, and other areas of your home. While they do not bite, they do tend to produce allergic reactions. If your home has high humidity levels, then you are providing a breeding ground for the production of dust mites. Air purifiers reduce mite production by eliminating much of what they need to survive.
  • Mold spores. Mold is easy to spot when it’s in the corner of your shower pan, or around the kitchen faucet, but it’s far less recognizable when it’s in your ductwork or between the walls. Mold can produce severe allergic reactions, including skin irritation.
  • Pollen. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, such as hay fever, then you should consider an air quality solution such as an air purifier. While we think of our indoor living space as a reprieve from the outdoors, if you have high levels of pollen circulating throughout your ductwork or in your home, then it can cause your allergies to flare up all summer long.
  • Animal dander and hair. No matter how much you love your pets, you may be tired of dander and animal hair circulating through your ducts and vents, whether you have an allergy or not. A HEPA filter can dramatically reduce such problems.

Whatever type of air purifier you choose, whether mechanical or electronic, make sure it’s professionally installed. For more information about San Antonio air purifiers, call General Air Conditioning today!

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