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What Happens During an AC Maintenance Visit?

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

To keep your air conditioner working—and working well—throughout a warm Texas year, you’ll need to schedule routine maintenance and tune-ups. A maintenance visit from an AC professional can help you prevent future repairs and keep your air conditioner running at its best, and that means long-term savings for you. General Air conditioning offers a superior 4-Star maintenance agreement that gives you two scheduled visits a year, and the second one is pre-paid.

The first visit you receive from a technician will be to check on your air conditioning. This is what you can expect from your San Antonio AC maintenance visit:

The technician will examine the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system, which is where the hot air absorbed from inside your home is expelled to the outside. The technician will check over all the components inside the unit to see that they are working and aren’t suffering from extra stress: the compressor, motors, fans, capacitor, and condensing coil. Then the technician will check on the refrigerant level (called its “charge”) to be certain none of it is lost to leaks. The visit will also include a cleaning of the condenser coil to make certain that no excess dirt or debris is preventing it from releasing heat into the air.

Hopefully, the technician will not find any serious faults inside your air conditioner, and will leave you with a finely tuned machine that will keep you cool for the months to come. However, part of maintenance is to detect small problems before they grow into large ones. If your technician discovers an issue, such as bent fan blades or overworked motors, you’ll receive advice on what repairs will fix the problem.

When you purchase a 4-Star maintenance agreement with General Air Conditioning, you’ll get all these services with each visit, which goes above and beyond what other contractors offer. (Many do not clean condenser coils.) We use postcards and phone calls to remind you when you’re due for regular maintenance, so you’ll never miss out on one.

When you want excellent AC maintenance in San Antonio, TX, contact us today to schedule an appointment.