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Which Size Heat Pump Is Right For My Helotes Home?

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

“Which size heat pump is right for my Helotes home?” If you’re considering a Helotes TX heat pump installation, that’s one of the first questions you need to grapple with. Texas winters are comparatively mild temperature-wise, which makes heat pumps an attractive alternative to traditional gas furnaces and boilers. Proper sizing is very important if you want the heat pump to function as it should. The right size depends on the needs of your home, of course, which means you want to talk to an expert when determining specifics.

You need to size your heat pump right because the wrong sized pump will cost you a great deal in wasted energy. If the pump is too small, it’s going to struggle to adequately heat your home, increasing wear-and-tear and adding to your monthly bill. If the pump is too large, something similar will happen: it will heat your house too quickly, cycling on and off multiple times throughout the day. Heat pumps use a big chunk of energy turning on, which means you want it to run for at least 15-20 minutes anytime it activates to get the most efficiency out of it. If it cycles on and off, it costs you money in higher bills, as well as increasing strain on the heat pump tremendously.

Determining the right size heat pump starts with the square footage of your home. Other home factors get involved as well, such as how much sunlight enters your home from large windows, and how much insulation you have in your attic. (An insulated home tends to retain heat much better and requires less energy from the heat pump as a result). You also have to factor in varying weather conditions, which can be tricky. Helotes averages about 60 degrees in the winter months, with lows dropping into the 40s at night. But we have exceptionally cold days which can get worse than that, and an expert needs to factor them in.

That’s a roundabout way of saying you should consult an expert to determine which size heat pump is right for your Helotes home. The professionals at General Air Conditioning handle Helotes TX heat pump installation, and can provide sound advice on your best options. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Does the Size of My Heat Pump Matter?

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Does the size of my heat pump matter?” the short answer is “yes.” The size of your heater or air conditioning unit is one of the most important things about it, and you need to consider it very carefully before you install a new unit. Here in Alamo Heights TX, a heat pump installation is a fairly normal procedure, but you should have a good idea of exactly what you need before installing one. That includes knowing what size pump you need.

Heating and cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. As a general rule, you need about 30 BTUs of power to heat one square foot of living space. That should make it fairly easy to perform a rough estimate of what size heating pump you need. A trained heating technician can make a more accurate inspection and factor in such elements as sunlight exposure and insulation in your attic to perform a more accurate measurement.

General Air Conditioning can take care of your Alamo Heights, TX heat pump installation.

The reasons why are very important. We like to call it the Goldilocks rule: your heater should be neither too large nor too small but just right. If your heat pump is too small, you can see the problem. It will struggle to heat the area adequately, increasing the strain and the energy consumed without offering you a comfortable home in the bargain. But if the heat pump is too large, it’s going to experience similar problems. It will cycle on and off too often, increasing strain on the unit and expending unnecessary amounts of energy. Neither is an acceptable option. Only a unit sized just right for your space will do the job as intended.

In Alamo Heights, TX, heat pump installation services like General Air Conditioning can provide sound advice on the kind of heat pump that’s right for your home. We know that the size of your heat pump matters and we’re dedicated to making sure you have the perfect fit. When the time comes to install it, we perform the operation with skill and care. Pick up the phone today and call us to schedule an appointment, or check out our other services offered!