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Which Size Heat Pump Is Right For My Helotes Home?

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

“Which size heat pump is right for my Helotes home?” If you’re considering a Helotes TX heat pump installation, that’s one of the first questions you need to grapple with. Texas winters are comparatively mild temperature-wise, which makes heat pumps an attractive alternative to traditional gas furnaces and boilers. Proper sizing is very important if you want the heat pump to function as it should. The right size depends on the needs of your home, of course, which means you want to talk to an expert when determining specifics.

You need to size your heat pump right because the wrong sized pump will cost you a great deal in wasted energy. If the pump is too small, it’s going to struggle to adequately heat your home, increasing wear-and-tear and adding to your monthly bill. If the pump is too large, something similar will happen: it will heat your house too quickly, cycling on and off multiple times throughout the day. Heat pumps use a big chunk of energy turning on, which means you want it to run for at least 15-20 minutes anytime it activates to get the most efficiency out of it. If it cycles on and off, it costs you money in higher bills, as well as increasing strain on the heat pump tremendously.

Determining the right size heat pump starts with the square footage of your home. Other home factors get involved as well, such as how much sunlight enters your home from large windows, and how much insulation you have in your attic. (An insulated home tends to retain heat much better and requires less energy from the heat pump as a result). You also have to factor in varying weather conditions, which can be tricky. Helotes averages about 60 degrees in the winter months, with lows dropping into the 40s at night. But we have exceptionally cold days which can get worse than that, and an expert needs to factor them in.

That’s a roundabout way of saying you should consult an expert to determine which size heat pump is right for your Helotes home. The professionals at General Air Conditioning handle Helotes TX heat pump installation, and can provide sound advice on your best options. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Signs Your Furnace Needs to be Replaced

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Your furnace is a key part of your household, and if properly maintained can give you years of reliable service.  Sooner or later, however, every appliance needs to be replaced, and you will eventually face the prospect of removing your old furnace and putting in a new one.  In Helotes TX, heating replacement services can go over your options with you, taking into account our local Texas conditions as well as the particulars of your house. Before you can call a technician, however, you need to make the tough decision to retire your old furnace, and it helps to know when that might be.

Here are a few signs your furnace needs to be replaced.

  • Higher bills. Slowly creeping bills mean that the wear and tear on your system is increasing and that parts are wearing out. This includes not only repair bills – which might become too frequent for you to want to deal with – but also monthly energy bills, which go up as the system has to work harder and harder. If you find yourself facing large monthly bills, even though you’re not using the furnace any more than normal, you may be facing the prospect of a replacement.
  • Inadequate functioning. Going hand-in-hand with higher costs is the fact that your furnace just isn’t doing the job. It may be breaking down quite often, it may be struggling to move air sufficiently, or it may not be generating the level of warmth that you need. In some cases, the issue can be fixed by replacing a single part, but if it persists, the replacement may be in order.
  • The furnace is old. This isn’t a make-or-break proposition all on its own, and some furnaces can last for quite a while before needing replacing.  But if an older furnace starts to suffer from some of the symptoms listed above – particularly one that is ten years old or more – it may be a sign that your furnace needs to be replaced.

Helotes, TX heating replacement services are provided by the trained experts at General Air Conditioning. If you spot signs your furnace needs to be replaced, pick up the phone and call us for a consultation immediately.

Which Type of Ductwork Is Best?

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

At General Air Conditioning, we offer a special service: custom duct design. Most people think of their ductwork as something static: one type fits all. However, this isn’t the case. Every home needs ducts tailored to fit its unique design, and there isn’t a pre-fabricated ductwork system an installer can simply drop into your home and hook up to an air conditioner or a heater. Ductwork consists of sealed passages where air from an HVAC system flows to vents without losing pressure. Once, all ductwork was made of sheets of galvanized steel, but now there are different options available. We’ll go over the major ones.

Please remember that making a choice about ductwork installation requires input from professionals. The Helotes, TX ductwork experts at General Air Conditioning can steer you to the best choice.

Sheet metal ducts: The old standard, and what most people think of when they hear the word “ducts.” (That, and movie action heroes crawling around inside them.) Most sheet metal ducts consist of 30 gauge galvanized steel. This type of ductwork is extremely durable, but it’s also the most difficult to install in a new building.

Flexible ducts: These sometimes work in tandem with sheet metal, branching off from the main duct like octopus arms to reach the vents. They are usually made from a folding plastic material with insulation surrounding it. The obvious advantage they have is adaptability to most spaces. Their drawback is that they are susceptible to leaks because of improper installation.

Duct board: This is the simplest type of duct. Essentially, duct board is fiberglass insulation with an outer protective foil or fabric layer. Although duct board isn’t strong and can damage easily, it does offer high insulation levels, weighs very little, and is inexpensive. Because duct board has exposed insulation on the inside, it can collect dust rapidly.

You will need ductwork installation experts to examine your home and determine which type (or types) of duct will fit best with the space in your house. The kind of HVAC system you have or plan to have installed will also affect the decision. At General Air Conditioning, our experience with custom duct design makes us an ideal choice to handle all your ductwork issues in Helotes, TX. Call us today for an appointment.