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How Do Heat Pumps Heat My Home?

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

If you just went through a prolonged Texas summer, which can stretch far into the fall, then you know the benefit of an effective heat pump working for you. It provides the same level of cool, refreshing air as a quality standalone air conditioner. It’s just what you need to beat the heat.

But now the short winter season is almost here, and you’ll switch your heat pump over to “heating” mode. That seems a bit strange. After all the work the heat pump did providing you with a cooled home, now it will do the exact opposite. How is a heat pump capable of heating a home in addition to cooling it?

We’ll explain the basic operation of the heat pump in heating mode. If your heat pump can’t provide you with heat, however, you may need it repaired. Contact General Air Conditioning: we can assist you with your heat pump in Terrell Hills, TX so it does both the jobs for which it was designed.

A heat pump in heating mode

A heat pump isn’t much different than a standard air conditioner in operation: it moves heat from one location and puts it in another. When in cooling mode, it removes the heat from the indoors and puts it outdoors. But a heap pump contains a reversing valve, a mechanism that can change the direction of the flow of refrigerant through the unit. When the refrigerant’s direction changes, the heat pump switches the direction of the heat exchange as well: now it removes heat from the outdoors and moves it indoors.

Yes, there is enough heat outside, even in cold weather, for a heat pump to extract a sufficient amount to warm up your home. In Texas, heat pumps rarely need to struggle because of our mild winters. People in colder states often have to pair their heat pump with a back-up system for extremely cold weather.

Keep your heat pump working for you

If you don’t keep up regular maintenance on your heat pump, you can lose its great advantages. Make sure you sign up for a regular preventive maintenance program to have a professional give your system a thorough check-up and tune-up each year.

If you purchase the 4-star maintenance agreement from General Air Conditioning, you will receive two maintenance check-ups each year (one for your heater and the other for your air conditioner), and the second visit will be prepaid. We also offer other benefits with the agreement. Contact us today to start taking excellent care of your heat pump in Terrell Hills, TX.