The Importance of Humidity Control in San Antonio, TX

As you probably know, your air conditioner dehumidifies the air as part of its cooling process. Your return ducts extract the hot air from your house where it is cooled by the refrigerant in the air handler. As part of this process, some moisture is removed from your air. However, during the peak heat of the summer, the humidity can often be overwhelming, and you may find that you need additional humidity control. For extensive indoor air quality services, including whole house dehumidifiers in San Antonio, TX, call General Air Conditioning today!

Here are some reasons why humidity control is so important in your home:

  • To prevent mold and dust mites. Mold (as well as the dust mite) thrives in conditions of high relative humidity. Mold is a microbial growth that inhabits dark and moist areas of the home, especially those surrounding your indoor plumbing. Unfortunately, however, mold can often inhabit areas of your home you may never see. Mold growth behind walls and inside ductwork can be irritating and potentially dangerous to those with respiratory conditions.
  • To improve home comfort. While nothing beats a cool temperature inside the home during a steamy afternoon in July, dehumidification can actually decrease your need to blast the AC. Part of the reason is due to the sensation of being hot. When humidity is high, your body must work harder to cool itself by sweating. A combination of cooling and dehumidification is not only the most comfortable option, but it may also reduce how much energy you spend on cooling alone.
  • To reduce moisture in the home. You may notice excessive moisture on the walls or floors in your home during the summer; or perhaps your towels often fail to entirely dry. A whole house dehumidifier allows you to avoid worrying about such problems, which can be both annoying and potentially harmful to wood, fabric, and furnishings in your home.

Consider a humidity control device this summer if you want to improve your comfort and reduce the problems associated with high humidity in the home. For San Antonio, TX dehumidifiers, call the indoor air quality experts at General Air Conditioning today!

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