What Types of Ductwork Are There?

Ductwork refers to the system in your home that transports cool air from you air conditioning system to the various parts of your home. (It also makes a cool way for movie heroes to sneak around without getting caught by the bad guys, though if you’ve ever seen your average length of ductwork, you’ll know that this has no basis in reality.) In San Antonio, air conditioning systems help us fight the heat and humidity of summer, and those systems need quality ductwork if they’re going to function as they should. What types of ductwork are there, and what advantages and disadvantages do they provide? We’ve listed some of the more common types below:

  • Rigid metal ducts. The most common type of duct consists of sheet metal such as galvanized steel or aluminum.  Metal is inexpensive, moisture and outside contaminants usually can’t get in, and its non-porous surface makes it comparatively easy to keep clean.
  • Flexible ducts. Flexible ducts are often composed of a mixture of metal and plastic, and as their name suggests, they possess much more flexibility than rigid metal ducts: making it easier to bend them around corners. They’re also lightweight and fairly strong. They tend to work best as short lengths, since they’re not as impermeable as rigid metal ducts and suffer stress if they’re twisted in too many directions.
  • Fiberglass-lined ducts. These ducts are metal, but retain a fiberglass lining to help insulate the line. That helps keep the cool air cool, while repelling moisture and other external conditions.
  • Fiberboard ducts. Fiberboard use concentrated resin as material, with a metal foil wrapping to help repel moisture and airborne contaminants.

The exact type of duct used depends on the specific household, as well as issues like the availability of crawlspace and the amount of ambient humidity in the air. As you may have guessed, some houses use multiple types of ductwork in their system. If you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system or if you just need some maintenance on your existing one, call the experts at General Air Conditioning. Our trained service professionals can handle ductwork issues throughout the greater San Antonio area. Schedule a consultation with us; we’ll inspect your existing system and let you know what your best options are, then embark upon the maintenance or installation service with an eye toward your complete satisfaction.

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