Why Does My AC Have A Strange Smell?

There is no denying the luxury – or necessity – of a great performance from your air conditioning system during the hot summer months. The heat really lingers here throughout the cooling season, and an efficient, reliable air conditioner is a must. Unfortunately, there are numerous problems which your air conditioning system may experience which can hinder its operation and your enjoyment of its performance. Not all of these issues are as obviously serious as a complete breakdown of your system. Remember, though, that even “minor” problems with your air conditioner, such as strange odors during operation, can be indicative of serious problems.

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One of the reasons that your air conditioner may smell strange during operation is due to dirty air ducts. When pollutants such as microorganisms or waste from infestations build up within your air ducts, the air that is distributed throughout the ductwork can take on that odor. Not only can such materials have a negative impact on the odor of your home, but they can also aggravate allergies and other respiratory issues. Proper duct sealing or duct replacement can help keep such contaminants out of your system.

Another reason that your air conditioner might begin to give off an odd odor has to do with the air filter. If your air filter gets wet, it can take on a mildew odor. When this happens, the air circulating throughout your home can spread the odor to different areas. If condensation within your system drips onto your air filter, or if your system has iced over for any reason and the ice melts onto it, this problem can develop. By replacing your air filter and addressing the problem that led to the saturation, you can clear the air in your home.

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