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Professional Air Flow Testing in San Antonio by General Air Conditioning

Are you getting the most efficient, effective performance possible from your home heating and air conditioning system? If you are unhappy with the performance of your heater or air conditioner, the airflow and balance of your air duct system may be to blame. With professional airflow testing by the home heating and air conditioning experts at General Air Conditioning you can start getting more out of your home comfort systems.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best possible performance from your heating and air conditioning system. Call General Air Conditioning today for professional maintenance and airflow testing services in the San Antonio area. We’ll help you heat and cool your home more efficiently.

General Air conditioning proudly serves San Antonio and the entire Bexar County area.

Why Does Airflow Matter?

Well maintained, balanced air ducts can disperse heated and cooled air throughout your home in a very even, effective manner. Unfortunately, due to poor design, installation or condition, many ductwork systems work much less efficiently than they ought to. If your air ducts are leaking, or the air pressure is improperly balanced, you may be losing a considerable amount of energy when you operate your heater or air conditioner. Considering how much we pay for energy this can be a serious problem.

Many homes may only make use of 60–75% of the energy they use due to insufficient airflow. Low airflow not only makes your heater and air conditioner work less efficiently, it can actually put unnecessary wear and tear on your system. This makes your home comfort system much more likely to break down or suffer other damages. Don’t make the mistake of operating your heating and air conditioning system while using damaged ducts that do not allow for proper airflow. Call General Air Conditioning today, have your ductwork airflow tested, and make the changes necessary to heat and cool your home more effectively.

When to Schedule Air Flow Testing in your San Antonio Home

As soon as you notice any inconsistencies in the performance of your heating and air conditioning system you should call for professional help. Continuing to operate a compromised system puts it at risk for further damage and costs more money to operate. The longer you do so the more severe the resulting damages may be and the less efficiently your comfort system is likely to work.

The development of any hot or cold spots throughout your home, as well as general inconsistent heating, may indicate a problem with your ductwork that can be diagnosed with professional airflow testing. Keep an eye on your utility costs as well. If the cost of keeping your home comfortable keeps rising without a known cause, you most likely have an efficiency problem.

Even seemingly minor issues, such as strange sounds during operation, should be evaluated by your professional service provider. Schedule airflow testing today to get to the root of your heating and air conditioning problems. We want to help you live more comfortably.

Schedule Air Flow Testing in San Antonio with General Air Conditioning

Don’t let poor airflow in your San Antonio home’s ductwork cost you money and comfort. Call General Air Conditioning today for airflow testing. We’ll help you heat and cool your home in the most effective way possible by keeping your air ducts in great working condition.