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Duct Sealing Services in San Antonio by General Air Conditioning

Sometimes it seems like energy costs are just always on the rise. For homeowners on a budget this can be a real problem, especially when you are in the midst of the San Antonio summer. At General Air Conditioning we believe that everyone should be able to keep their homes comfortable by operating their air conditioning and heating systems, even if energy costs are high. The trick is to heat and cool your homes as effectively as possible. There are a lot of ways in which you can achieve this, and one of the biggest is by improving the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.

There are a variety of factors that affect the efficiency with which your heating and cooling system uses the energy you pay for. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your comfort systems working properly and efficiently. If your air ducts have been compromised by tears, leaks or corrosion, professional duct sealing can help return them to the condition they need to be in to work efficiently. Call General Air Conditioning today to learn more about the air duct sealing services available in your area.

General Air Conditioning proudly serves San Antonio and the entire Bexar County area.

Why Efficient Air Ducts Are So Important

Don’t take an out–of–sight, out–of–mind attitude when it comes to the air ducts in your home. When you are heating and cooling your home every bit of that conditioned air is circulated throughout your ductwork system.

If you have leaky air ducts, that leaves a lot of potential for costly energy loss. While replacing an entire ductwork system may be a very big job, duct sealing can be accomplished quite effectively by a qualified energy efficiency expert such as the technicians at General Air Conditioning. Call us today with any questions you have about duct sealing or why it is so important to keep conditioned air from leaking out of your air ducts.

How Does Duct Sealing in San Antonio Work?

When you have a professional service provider such as General Air Conditioning provide you with duct sealing service in your San Antonio or Bexar County area home, you should receive a thorough inspection of the entire duct system. The air balance should be tested to verify that return ducts are sufficient, and all damaged air ducts should be repaired. Some ducts are flexible and can be crushed in.

If any ducts have been compromised in this manner, they must be straightened out for proper airflow. All leaks must be sealed, and all registers and grilles should be tightly sealed to the connecting duct. Ducts ought to be insulated as well for maximum efficiency. Once the duct sealing process is complete airflow should be tested again for proper balance. All you have to do is enjoy the efficient heating and air conditioning now available in your home, as well as the energy cost savings.

Schedule Duct Sealing in San Antonio Today

If your energy bills seem too high or certain areas of your home do not seem to be effectively cooled or heated, you may benefit from professional duct sealing service. Let General Air Conditioning take a look at your air duct system to be sure. We’ll help you reduce energy costs and live more comfortably in your San Antonio area home.