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UV Germicidal Lights in San Antonio by General Air Conditioning

Are you totally satisfied with the indoor air quality in your home? If not, General Air Conditioning has the products, services and information you need to improve indoor air quality in your San Antonio area home. Well maintained temperatures and a dependable heating and air conditioning system are just parts of what it takes to achieve total comfort in your home. Contact General Air Conditioning today to discover the many ways in which you can start breathing cleaner, purer air indoors.

There are many different factors which may reduce the quality of the air in your home. While air filters may be able to trap some airborne pollutants you may find that biological pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses and allergens are the biggest problem your indoor air quality is suffering from. If so, you may want to consider the installation of UV germicidal lights by our expert technicians. Call today to learn more about these incredible, air quality boosting devices.

General Air Conditioning proudly serves San Antonio and the entire Bexar County area.

What are UV Germicidal Lights?

UV germicidal lights are lamps that are installed in the ductwork used by your heating and air conditioning system to disperse conditioned air throughout your home. These lamps use small amounts of UV (ultraviolet) radiation to target and destroy biological pollutants in your home. This class of pollutants includes bacteria, viruses, allergens and even mold spores. All of these biological pollutants are clearly undesirable and detrimental to one’s health. They pose an even bigger problem for those homes in which residents suffer from asthma or allergy symptoms. But using small, safe amounts of UV radiation UV germicidal lights are able to neutralize these threats to your health and overall indoor air quality. Call today for more information about how UV germicidal lights can benefit your San Antonio area home.

UV Germicidal Light Installation in San Antonio

As with any indoor air quality systems, UV germicidal lights must be installed in your ductwork only by qualified professionals. Your expert indoor air quality service provider from General Air Conditioning will ensure that your UV germicidal lights are perfectly placed for maximum performance levels. When it is time to replace your UV lamps simply give us a call and get the exceptional service that we are known for.

UV Germicidal Light Maintenance and Repair Service

UV germicidal lights are a great indoor air quality option for many reasons, one of which being their simple operation. Maintenance service is kept to a minimum thanks to the fact that UV germicidal lights do not have moving parts. Having your UV germicidal lights inspected for proper operation regularly will guarantee that they are performing their function effectively. If there is a problem requiring professional repair service, our team of experts will be able to handle it.

Get the UV Germicidal Light Services You Need from General Air Conditioning

Don’t let biological pollutants hinder your comfort in your own home. If you live in San Antonio or the Bexar County area, call the indoor air quality professionals at General Air Conditioning to get the UV germicidal light services you need. We’ll help you begin breathing better, cleaner air.