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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Castle Hills, TX

When your heating or air conditioning system in Castle Hills is ready to be replaced it is important that you contact a trained professional to handle the job. For over 15 years, the extensively experienced and fully certified experts at General Air Conditioning have been providing high–quality heating and air conditioning services throughout the Castle Hills area.

When summer arrives, you need to know for sure that your air conditioner is ready for the cooling season ahead. That’s why the air conditioning experts at General Air Conditioning are available 7 days a week to offer our professional installation, maintenance and repair services. Call today to get your air conditioner in prime working condition.

Remember to schedule regular heating maintenance service before the heating season arrives to ensure that your heater can handle the task of keeping you warm this winter. Winter may not be as long or extreme as summer is in Castle Hills, TX, but you still need a dependable heating system to keep your home comfortable on the chilliest nights of the year. Let our highly trained professional heating technicians keep your heater working the way it’s supposed to. Contact General Air Conditioning to schedule heating service.

Castle Hills Professional Indoor Air Quality Technician?

There are many ways in which poor indoor air quality can disrupt your comfort in your Castle Hills home. Luckily the indoor air quality experts at General Air Conditioning have all the high–quality products and exceptional services you need to improve the quality of the air that you breathe. We offer excellent air filters and purifiers as well as our great installation, maintenance and repair services. If humidity is your problem, then we have the solution.

Call us to discuss the potential benefits of a whole–house dehumidifier in your home. We even offer UV germicidal light services to help you destroy biological pollutants, such as allergens and bacteria, that aggravate allergy symptoms and can cause illness. Make sure that your ducts are properly sealed to keep dirt and debris out of the air you breathe by calling General Air Conditioning today. Whatever your indoor air quality concerns may be, General Air Conditioning has the products and services necessary to solve your problems.

Is your air conditioner costing more and more to operate with each cooling season? Does your heater leave cold spots scattered throughout your home? Is the air that you breathe indoors full of unwanted contaminants? Contact General Air Conditioning today to get all the heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality services that you need to make your Castle Hills, TX home a more comfortable place to live.

Here's What Our Clients Say

When the city of San Antonio inspector checked out the unit he asked me who installed it and I told him it was General. He said it was an outstanding job. I fully agree!

- Mario and M.J. - San Juan [August 3, 2006]

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